We work alongside fifty-five renowned organic or biodynamic certified producers from France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

These wines are made by farmers who work every day in their vineyards trying to find a balance between nature, terroir, tradition and with minimal intervention, resulting in wines that are honest and pure.

 Wines resulting from this principle are called “natural wines”, as they are pure expression of the grape and it’s interpretation of the terroir, while in the cellar, grapes are transformed into wine without the addition of sulfur dioxide or yeast and are not filtrated. In other words nothing is added and nothing is removed plus we believe this wine are fun and easy to enjoy, so why not to share this wonder with Copenhagen?

At Vinikultur we are constantly in search for products that expresses these qualities throughout the best and most unique regions we can find, fortunately producers are as proud of their product as we are of them, so we honor them by sharing their proudest work with mind-linked partners and friends; Relæ, ManfredsBæst and Mirabelle and outstanding friends such as Noma, Amass, Bror, among many others top establishments.

Frankly although our main focus is wine, we deeply love food too. We paid the same amount of attention to high-quality food products. This is why we are proud to import excellent extra virgin olive oil, garum, pickled vegetables and nuts from our friends and partners around the globe.